Basic values

  1. Parys Furs is a socially responsible company, guided by the principles of ethics.
  2. The protection of such values as: professionalism, honesty, reliability, responsibility, good management, honesty, respect for clients , contractors, competition, employees, the environment and the local community is of key importance for the company.
  3. Animal welfare is one of the fundamental values ​​relevant to Parys Furs. The company uses only hides produced on farms that provide the animals with proper living conditions.
  4. Parys Furs will make every effort to be a socially sensitive economic entity , serving the community through activities beneficial to the company and the community.

Relationships with customers

  1. Harmonious cooperation based on honesty is the guiding principle of building relationships with customers.
  2. Parys Furs provides good quality products , providing reliable information about their features and parameters.
  3. In advertising and other forms of communication , Parys Furs avoids giving false, hidden or exaggerated information.
  4. Parys Furs keeps secret the information obtained from the client.

Relations with employees

  1. Parys Furs ensures a friendly work environment, built on the basis
    of cooperation, maintaining harmonious relationships and a transparent decision-making process.
  2. Our relations with employees are based on respect for their personal dignity .
  3. Parys Furs supports the efforts of employees to self -develop and improve their knowledge. Knowledge and qualifications as well as adherence to the company’s core values are decisive factors in hiring and promoting an employee.
  4. Parys Furs provides employees with a safe working environment in accordance with the required standards.
  5. Parys Furs clearly and understandably informs employees
    about expectations towards them and about decisions concerning them.
  6. Parys Furs informs employees about the goals of its activities and tasks at individual positions , ensures effective communication
    and engages employees in activities aimed at improving the quality of their work
    and the development of the company.
  7. Parys Furs appreciates the efforts of individuals who contribute to the company’s success. We apply the rules of fair and appropriate remuneration policy. The rules of the remuneration system will be structured in such a way as to take into account the individual contribution of individuals.
  8. Parys Furs will not tolerate sexual, mental or physical harassment of workers.
  9. Parys Furs will reliably inform employees about paid social security contributions and the nature of the contracts concluded. Employees will be notified of the conclusion of a civil law contract.

Relationships with suppliers

  1. Parys Furs works only with suppliers who care about animal welfare and the environment.
  2. We strive to build the opinion of a responsible, solid and reliable partner among suppliers . We provide suppliers with equal treatment and equal access to information.
  3. We pay the payment for the service provided or the delivered goods on time
    and in accordance with the concluded contract.
  4. We treat all information relating to the relationship between the company
    and suppliers as confidential.

Relationships with competitors

  1. Parys Furs competes fairly, competing in quality and customer service . We do not challenge a competitor ‘s reputation either directly or through innuendo.
  2. Should disputes arise, Parys Furs will seek to resolve them through dialogue.
  3. When dealing with competitors, employees will avoid discussing
    confidential company information.
  4. Parys Furs does not obtain information about competition by illegal means.

Relations with local communities

  1. Parys Furs will make every effort to be a socially sensitive economic entity, serve the community through activities that benefit the company and the community, and provide favorable employment opportunities and good working conditions.
  2. The basis of relations with the local community is dialogue. We will counteract all situations that may lead to conflicts or misunderstandings.
  3. Parys Furs will support the community in which it operates as much as possible. Potential charitable, educational and cultural donations will be made within the rules set by the owner.

Concern for the environment

  1. For the sake of the environment, Parys Furs will only use raw materials
    and biodegradable products, analyzing their impact on the environment.
  2. We will take care of the environment in the workplace and beyond

Adaptation and verification

  1. A commitment to comply with the provisions of the code will be a condition of employment with the company.
  2. In the event of any violations of the code, please contact us.